Privacy Policy

Pasin Tranciati s.r.l. hereby informs you that, due to the initiation and execution of the current contractual dealings with you, our organisation is currently in possession of certain information about you that you have provided even verbally and either directly or indirectly via third parties, information that the law classifies as personal details.

The handling of the aforesaid information shall be based on the principles of propriety, legality, transparency and the protection of your privacy and your rights.

The information in our possession may be utilised in hardcopy, computerised or data communication format for contractual and legal requirements, as well as to enable us to effectively manage the existing working relationships.

The information will be utilised for purposes related to the reciprocal duties deriving from the contractual relationship and, more specifically, for the fulfilment of specific contractual, management, accounting, tax and legal obligations, using automated and other tools that are capable of guaranteeing security during the storage, handling and transmission of said information. Any e-mail addresses provided may be utilised for the purpose of distributing advertising materials regarding services similar to those provided in terms of this working relationship.

The provision of your details for the aforesaid purposes shall be mandatory and any refusal on your part to provide said details may make it impossible for us to comply with legal and contractual requirements related to the contractual relationship. Any failure to provide the required information, where the provision is not mandatory, shall be assessed by the titleholder on a case–by-case basis and may affect all subsequent relationship management decisions, depending on the relative importance of said information.

The information may be divulged to parties located either in Italy and/or abroad, exclusively for the aforesaid purposes and may, therefore, also be utilised by these other parties for the same purposes. Consequently, the information may also be disclosed to all persons and/or managers authorised to deal with such information. Inter alia, said information may be disclosed to the financial authorities, credit institutions, data processing centres, various professionals and consultants, companies operating in the shipping sector, as well as to any other bodies authorised in terms of legal, regulatory or contractual provisions and, in general, to public entities or private individuals for the aforesaid purposes:

  • the information shall be utilised for the entire duration of the contractual relationship, as well as thereafter, for the purposes of fulfilling legal requirements and for future business purposes
  • as regards this information, you shall be fully entitled to exercise your rights as specified in Art. 7 of Leg. Dec. No. 193\2003, within the limits and conditions envisaged in Articles 8, 9, and 10 of the aforesaid Legislative Decree
  • the Company, Pasin Tranciati s.r.l., with registered headquarters situated at No.13, via Maredana - 31052 Maserada sul Piave (TV) - Italy is the official titleholder of the information provided.

Legislative Decree No. 196/2003

Art. 7 – Right of access to personal information and other rights

The interested party shall have the right to receive confirmation of the existence, or otherwise, of his/her personal details, even if said personal details have not yet been registered, and confirmation of any disclosure of said details in understandable form.

The interested party shall be entitled to be told:

  • the the origin of the personal information
  • purposes for which, and the manner in which the personal information is being handled
  • the logic applied in the event that the information is being handled with the aid of electronic equipment
  • the details of the titleholder and the details of the manager and subordinates designated to handle personal information in terms of article 5, clause 2
  • the parties or groups of parties to whom personal details may be divulged, or that may come into possession of said details by virtue of their position as designated information handlers within the country’s borders, managers or subordinates

The interested party shall be entitled to demand that:

  • the information be updated, rectified or supplemented if necessary
  • any information utilised in violation of the law, including any information not strictly required for the purposes for which said information was originally gathered or subsequently handled, be deleted, converted to anonymous format or totally blocked
  • proof be provided that the operations specified in clauses a) and b) above, including the content thereof, have been brought to the attention of all parties to whom said information was divulged or otherwise provided, with the exception of cases where such compliance would be impossible or would entail the utilisation of means that are totally disproportionate to the right being protected

The interested party shall be entitled to totally or partly oppose:

  • the utilisation of his/her personal details, for legitimate reasons, even if said details are indeed being utilised for the purposes for which the details were originally gathered
  • the utilisation of his/her personal details for the purposes of distributing advertising material or for direct sales, or for market surveys, or for business publicity

Art. 13- Briefing

The interested party, or the individual whose personal details are being gathered shall be briefed beforehand, either verbally or in writing, regarding the following:

  • the purpose for which, and the manner in which the personal details provided are to be utilised
  • whether the provision of said personal details is mandatory or voluntary in nature
  • the potential consequences of any refusal to provide said details
  • the parties, or groups of parties to whom their personal details may be divulged or who may become privy to said details by virtue of their position as managers or data handlers, as well as the extent to which said details may be divulged
  • his/her rights in terms of article 7
  • the identity details of the titleholder and, where applicable, the national representative designated in terms of article 5, as well as the manager in charge of data handling. In the case where the titleholder has designated more than one manager, the interested party shall be informed of at least one of the managers, as well as the network or the manner in which the interested party may easily access an updated list of all the designated managers. In the case where a specific manager has been designated to deal with matters relating to the interested party’s rights in terms of article 7, the details of that specific manager shall be provided.

The briefing in accordance with the provisions of clause 1 shall also include all the elements envisaged of any specific provisions of this Code and may not necessarily include any elements already known to the individual providing the information or whose knowledge may materially prevent a public official from carrying out any inspection or control function regarding state security or protection, investigation, or crime prevention activity.
The Privacy Guarantor may issue an order providing for a simplified briefing format in the case of information gathered via telephone help-line services and public information services.
In the case where the personal details are not obtained from the interested party him/herself, the briefing contemplated in clause 1, including the category of the gathered details, shall be given to the interested party at the time of registration of said details or, when said briefing is required, no later than the first notification.

The provision contemplated at clause 4 shall not be applicable when:

  • the data is handled on the basis of a legal obligation, regulation or a European Union regulation
  • the information is handled for the purposes of a defence investigation, as specified in Law No. 387, dated 7 December 2000, or, in any event, in order to claim or defend a particular right in a court of law, as long as the information is handled solely for such purpose and only for the length of time that is strictly necessary for said purpose
  • the briefing of the interested party involves the use of means that the Guarantor, who shall prescribe any appropriate alternative means, deems to be entirely disproportionate to the right being protected or that the Guarantor, at his sole discretion, deems to be patently impossible.